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Top Gun: Maverick Parable

This is my take on the key points. My notetaking is not all that great so it’s possible I may have missed something. This is not going to be very wordy either but my hopes is that I will get better at writing these posts and expressing what I mean better. So, if there’s something you don’t like, I’m sorry, it’s what it is. I will get better over time.

Journey to Create A Shopify App

When I started, I struggled with what I was going to use. I wanted to use Rails but I couldn’t find much information on how to use Rails with an embedded app in Shopify. That has since been debunked.

Before it was debunked, I settled on using Remix because it was in the Shopify developer documentation and made it easy to get started. Really, this turned out to be a huge pain in the ass both in development and with deployment.

Initial macOS (Apple Silicon) Setup

Sometimes I like to wipe my Macbook and start over but I forget some little things that make starting over frustrating.

I am not going to give full detail instructions on how I install it. I usually just follow the steps from the project site. I will only include nuances that I may do different or in addition to the normal steps.